·      800 seat Concert Hall.

·      200 seat Drama Theatre.

·      Amphitheatre, capacity 2000

·      Large separable Foyer with own stage (Use as a flat floor venue - Dine 500).

·      Five venues in one centre.

·      Central Bar and Kitchen.

·      External Box Office.

·      All Front-of-House links up.

·      All Back-of-House links up.

·      Foyer & Concert Hall could be a Conference Venue for 500.

·      Foyer & Civic auditorium could be Conference Venue for 1000.

·      Tropical design, lots of natural light and ventilation.

·      Increased accommodation for administration, green room and back-of-house facilities.

·      Cost estimated to be $42M – fantastic value and the cheapest solution for our lack of venues.

·      Very economical and efficient to operate.

·      A regional facility which we can be really proud of.

·      Initiated by the community and designed by a local Architect.

·      All on one level – QPAC eat your heart out!

·      At last – adequate parking plus coach, taxi and disabled zones and a drop-off lane. 950 car parks.

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